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Design as Text: A seminar for Archifest 2013

Design As Text

<< UPDATE, 23/9/13: CAPACITY EXPANDED! More tickets now on sale! >>

I’ll be presenting a seminar about design writing at this year’s ArchifestSchool of Urban Ideas‘. I’ve just checked the bookings and there’s one ticket left! Are you the lucky last attendee? Click on through to the event page! And check out the rest of the Archifest program while you’re there. I’m looking forward to meeting all the attendees on 5 October at the Archifest Pavilion.

Here’s the seminar synopsis:

Has a building review ever changed the way you think about a city? Has an interview with a product designer made you reconsider your relationship with everyday objects? A thoughtful and lively architecture and design culture needs equally thoughtful communication and criticism to support its development and enhance awareness. The most engaging writers, whose words resonate long after they are published, are skilful storytellers. Equally important is their ability to balance their responsibility to readers, publishers and the wider industry. This seminar will offer practical tips for those keen to write about architecture and design, as well as some perspectives on critical discourse.

The session will be presented by Narelle Yabuka, who has been writing and editing in the field of architecture and design in Singapore and Australia since 2002.