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From November 2012 to early February 2013 I had the honour of looking after the design and architecture news website (IDLA) while its regular editor, Janice Seow, was on leave. As the site’s Contributing Editor I filed eight stories per week and drafted a newsletter every Thursday. I take my hat off to Janice for keeping up the pace on a prolonged basis!


I’ve been contributing stories to IDLA for some time, and continue to do so now. It was great to get to know the Indesign team better, as well as make new connections with designers and artists, and with those working in the design-related commercial arena here in Singapore.

During my stint I relished the opportunity to report on some insightful individuals from Singapore and around Asia, as well as some from further afield who have been active in Asia. I’ve gathered a couple of quotes below from people whose words and work have stuck in my mind. Thanks to all who contributed!


“One of the major drivers for the future of landscape design in Singapore is the fact that we live in dense, high-rise housing. The kids that live up there are really disconnected from the ground. When you’re disconnected from the ground, you lose an appreciation of what is required to maintain a balance. I think it’s important for the profession to give them a reason to come back down to the ground so they can understand the issues that confront us. These issues extend beyond Singapore.” – Leonard Ng, Director, Atelier Dreiseitl Asia

Read the full story on Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park here.


“To paint involves a kind of mastery of spontaneity. When you look at my paintings, I hope that in your mind you see this movement across the space and reconnect with the energy. It’s a memory of this act, but I hope it is a vivid memory – not dead. There’s still movement in the space.” – Fabienne Verdier, artist

Read about French artist Fabienne Verdier, who trained in Chinese calligraphy, and the exhibition she held in Singapore here.

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