K2LD’s ‘Beauty in Imperfection’

K2LD Architects have established a small gallery space beside their office in Singapore’s Waterloo Centre. Last night it was filled with sake-fuelled discussions about a freshly opened exhibition of Japanese ceramic and wood vessels.

The ‘Beauty in Imperfection’ exhibition is the first to be held at the new K2LD Design Gallery at 261 Waterloo Street, #02-31. K2LD principal Ko Shiou Hee intends to make the gallery a hub for design-related exhibitions (of various disciplines) and is open to proposals from those seeking a display space.

The gallery is actually smaller than what is depicted in my snaps of last night’s opening event; the rear space (containing the ring-shaped display platform) is soon to be taken over by K2LD’s neighbour, Dwelling Concept.

‘Beauty in Imperfection’ showcases beautifully textured ceramic vessels and some wood pieces from Shiou Hee’s personal collection. Each of the (unused) items is for sale. Shiou Hee explained to me that he collected these objects while living in Japan. He built a considerable collection of one-off mismatched pieces – a manifestation of his favour for an ephemeral sense of harmony.

The artists whose work is displayed include Hanaoka Yutaka, Murakami Yaku, Gomi Kenji, Yokoyama Takuya, and Hanyu Noa. The exhibition will be in place until 11 November 2011. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

K2LD moved to the Waterloo Centre about 8 months ago, joining a small cohort of creative practices taking root in this HDB context. Interestingly, K2LD has a second office in Melbourne and has completed a number of projects in Australia (including two schools in Tasmania). A southwards (rather than eastwards or northwards) move is relatively rare for Singaporean practices. It’s nice to see!

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