Feeling blue? You might just get charmed …

Does jewellery have power? Rather than attracting luck, can a charm mop up the emotional disturbance caused by an ‘un-charming’ thing that has already happened? The c3 project (Melbourne) intends to find out.

Charged Charm Cards (c3) are credit card-sized sheets of sandblasted stainless steel from which pre-cut pendants and earrings can be punched out – and given away. The idea is to empower people by giving them the tools to enact quick emotional change on their friends, colleagues, and family.

As the c3 team explains, the c3s “are best put to use in emotionally charged situations that are big enough to elicit a sympathetic response, but not so big as might require a more somber gesture.”

There are four card designs. Shown here is the ‘Lighten Up!’ card, which contains a pair of light bulb earrings, two light bulb pendants, and linen thread for the pendants. Other cards contain different symbols of power – sockets, circuit resistors, and batteries.

The ‘Lighten Up!’ card was in my mailbox today with a c3 kit. I’m one of a handful of lucky ‘charmers’ who will be participating in the c3 project, which has been instigated by Melbourne-based jewellery designers Melissa Cameron and Jill Hermans.

The c3 kit – incorporating the charm card, incident report cards, and recipient report cards – is contained in a neat portable fabric pouch. Melissa and Jill will be collating details about the ‘charmings’ along with feedback from the charmed. They’re keen to find out what happens when people receive these surprise gifts, and they’ll be showing photos of the charms and feedback cards on their website. I can’t wait to see the results!

So, if you’re feeling blue and we happen to meet, be prepared – the power of a c3 charm might just be activated on you!

Click to read more about the c3 project and ‘Southern Charms’.

2 responses to “Feeling blue? You might just get charmed …

  1. Hi Nabuka, this is Saltuk here, the inventor of Potavel.

    Thank you for posting this and I’m thrilled to find out that you found my product interesting. It is great to see that people are paying attention to design for the underprivilaged.

    Best Regards,

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