Hello, ni hao, selamat pagi, vanakkam!

Welcome! In the nine years I’ve worked in the publishing field, I have had the pleasure of learning and writing about:

a pedestrian bridge made with cardboard tubes
jewellery made with disused bicycle inner tubes and old tins
Australia’s basketry and fibre art sector
a house perched over an old tennis court
the history of central Perth’s river foreshore
residential kitchen and bathroom design
the sustainability of communities in Western Australia’s Pilbara region
sights to see on a walking tour of a Singaporean neighbourhood
brand identity for a men’s fashion label
an office designed with a ‘green building’ agenda
illustrators, furniture designers, and glass artists
nocturnal art photography by architects
the abstract interior of a subterranean bookshop

There have been many other unexpected subjects. How could I not love what I do?

This post marks the embarkation of my first business in Singapore. I intend for this site to do more than communicate my skills and work; I hope it will become a useful resource for those interested in architecture, design, and publishing in Singapore and Australia. Please revisit this space, as I will progressively expand the links section and report on upcoming and completed events.

Should I manage to forge new connections between Singapore and Australia, well – yeh nah look, that’d be shiok.

IMAGE NOTES: At one with nature. Getting around the garden city; Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

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